Bajaj Caldia 15L Storage Water Heater

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  • 5 Star Rating - saves electricity cost and conserves energy
  • Plastic Outer Body - Prevents rust and Corrosion, ensuring a long life of the product
  • Glassline Inner Tank - Prevents corrosion of the tank, guarantees a durable product
  • PUF Insulation - Traps the heat inside the tank, to keep water hot for longer period of time. Max Reheating Time in minutes-40. Rated Voltage-230V, AC
  • Product Warranty - 2 years
  • Tank Warranty - 5 years
  • Heating Element Warranty - 2 years

If you are concerned about the installation process of a heater equipped with so many features, then, think again. The compact size of this Bajaj Caldia 15 litres storage water heater makes it easy to install and even maintain thereafter. What’s more, you can get it fitted in the preferred corner of your bathroom.

Once you switch on our Caldia 15 litres storage water heater, you are bound to receive hot water continuously from the tap with no sudden reduction in the temperature of the water. This is because the injected PUF insulation for our water heater prevents any heat from going out of the tank. So, you can enjoy consistently hot water for a longer duration.

Our product enjoys a really long life. The outer body of our product is composed of ABS material that lends useful characteristics like sturdiness, resistance to shock, and resistance to rust. The glass lined coating for the inner tank ensures it is corrosion-resistant.

Is the concern of accidentally leaving the water heater switched on for a long time stopping you from buying one? Well, your problem is addressed and resolved with this Bajaj water heater.

The water temperature does not rise beyond a particular cut-off limit. It comprises of an external thermostat that entitles you to meet your preferred levels of hot water.

With a fire-retardant cable and multiple safety systems, you need not worry about any damage while using this Caldia 15 litres storage water heater.

It is most suitable to handle extreme pressure – head up to ground for 18 floors or 8 bars. Makes it an ideal fit for high-rise buildings.

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Model Name Caldia
Brand Bajaj
Color White
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